Roasted Breadfruit & Seafood Cook Down 


You will need 

1 Lobster tail /desired amount 

10 Large Shrimp /desired amount  

1 med Breadfruit 

¼ c Coconut oil 

½ c Coconut oil (for roasting)

2 c Coconut milk powder 

5 c Water Warm

¾ c Fresh Chopped Seasoning   

1 c Fresh Blended Seasoning  

2 TBSP Garlic Butter (divided)

1/8 c Pimento (sliced thinly- divided)

½ c Tomatoes (diced – divided)

½ c Parsley (chopped -divided)


Black pepper

Lime or Lemon Juice

Pepper Sauce- optional 


This is how 

  • Devein shrimp and cut lobster meat into bit size pieces
  • Wash shrimp and lobster in lemon and water
  • Season the shrimp and lobster in separate bowls using the fresh blended seasoning, salt and black pepper
  • Set aside to marinate for about 20 mins 
  • In a small pot on low heat add 1TBSP garlic butter and sauté 1 TBSP chopped pimento and ¼ c tomatoes for 1 min
  • Add shrimp and cook for 30 sec on each side – remove from heat and set aside 
  • In the same pot add 1 TBSP garlic butter and sauté 1TBSP chopped pimento and ¼ c tomatoes for 1 min
  • Add lobster cook and stir for 2 mins – remove from heat and set aside 
  • Rinse, and peel breadfruit, cutting inti 2-inch square pieces removing the inedible center 
  • Place breadfruit in a large pot and cover with water 
  • Add 1 c fresh blended seasoning to the water and allow to boil for 10-15 mins or until half way cooked 
  • Strain to remove the water 
  • Place the breadfruit on a large baking tray drizzle with ½ c coconut oil, season with salt and pepper as desired, mix and spread evenly.
  • Place in pre heated oven to 450 degrees for 35 mins until edges are light brown. Move around the breadfruit on the tray occasionally to avoid sticking 
  • In a large pot add ¼ c coconut oil to heat on medium heat and add chopped seasoning and sauté for 2 mins 
  • Add the breadfruit, stir and let sauté for 5 mins stirring occasionally  
  • Mix the coconut milk powder with warm water, and add to breadfruit. Add more water if needed to ensure the contents are covered 
  • Stir occasionally, adding additional coconut liquid to avoid sticking 
  • Season with salt and add hot sauce if desired 
  • Be sure that the breadfruit is covered in liquid 
  • Using a knife, test the readiness of the breadfruit – once the knife goes into the center easily its ready. 
  • Add shrimp, lobster and parsley – stir and remove the pot from the heat
  • Cover to allow the remaining heat to finish cooking the shrimp and lobster 
  • Serve in bowls with love!