Brunch Punch 

Here’s what you need 

3 Fruit flavored tea bags of your choice 

3c Boiling water 

¼ c Granulated sugar (optional) 

1 Cinnamon stick 

2c Fruit juice (your choice of mix) 

½ c Light rum 

½ c Honey Liqueur (Jack Daniel’s)

½ c Orange Liqueur 

10 cloves 


Let’s make it 

The Iced tea 

  • In a mug, place teabags and add boiling water 
  • Cover and allow too steep for 15 mins
  • Remove the teabags and cinnamon stick add sugar and mix until dissolved 
  • Set aside to cool or refrigerate overnight 

The Punch 

  • To the iced tea, add fruit juice (s) light rum, honey liqueur and orange liqueur 
  • Mix well and add cloves 
  • Chill until ready to serve 
  • Perfect sip at 10am !