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I started cooking at the age of 7 years. Taught by my mom and grandmother, I cherish the memories of growing up in an extended family home, where food was the vessel used to show love.

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My Story

I discovered my true calling years later in 2008 when I committed all to pursue a catering business with a difference. Determined to give my clients a culinary adventure, ‘Intriguing Ideas’ was born.

This then fueled my ambitions of becoming a restauranteur, to further expand my creative energy. The proud island girl spirit channeled her focus on the use of local ingredients, creating what I now describe as trendy Caribbean cuisine.

Love for creating Food 

My love for creating food never wavered and has found expression in other food projects. I created executive private chef services, as well as catering services for both intimate and major events.

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Trendy Caribbean Recipes

Caribbean Soup Base

Caribbean Soup Base

Here’s what you need 

1 ½ c Yellow Split peas 

½ lb Pumpkin (peeled and diced) 

1 med Carrot 

Approx. 5c Water 


Let’s make it 

  • Place all ingredients in a large pot and let boil on medium heat until everything is soft and cooked completely. 
  • Add water if needed to maintain a thick but soup like consistency 
  • Once cooked, remove from heat and using an emulsion blender until smooth (add water if required to blend)
  • Store in containers or zip lock bags in the freezer.
  • Great for vegetarian and meat soups
Grilled Corn & Vege Soup

Grilled Corn & Vege Soup

Grilled Corn & Veggie Soup 

Here’s what you need 

½ c Margarine (melted) 

1/8 c Parsley 

1 tbsp Brown sugar 

½ c Onions minced 

1c fresh chopped seasoning (see recipe) – divided 

2 ears of corn on the cob 

3c Caribbean soup base 

1 med Sweet potato (diced)

2 med Potatoes (diced) 

1c Carrots (diced)

8-10 Cauliflower florets 

8-10 Broccoli florets 


Let’s make it 

  • To prepare the butter mix – in a bowl combine butter, onions, parsley and brown sugar 
  • Preheat the grill on medium heat 
  • Place the corn on the grill and baste with butter mixture turning occasionally  
  • Keep turning and basting until the corn is cooked and slightly charred 
  • Once the corn is cool cut into 1inch slices and set aside 
  • In a large pot, add soup base, sweet potato, potato, carrot, ½ c seasoning and corn 
  • Cover with water and let simmer on medium heat for 20 mins 
  • Add cauliflower and remaining seasoning, stir and let simmer for 2 mins 
  • Add salt and black pepper to taste (hot sauce if desired) 
  • Remove from heat and add broccoli when ready to serve
  • Serve in your best bowls!
Veggie Loaded Baked Potatoes

Veggie Loaded Baked Potatoes

Veggie Loaded Baked Potato 

You will need 

4 large Potatoes 

Fresh Blended Seasoning 


Black pepper 

Mushrooms (chopped)

Red Onions (diced)

Cauliflower (chopped into small pieces)

Broccoli (chopped into small pieces)

Parsley (chopped)

Pimento Peppers (chopped)

Our Garlic Butter 

Cheese Mix (Divided)

Full Cream Milk 

Evaporated Milk 

Olive oil 


This is how 

  • Cut potatoes in halves and place in a large pot 
  • Cover with water add salt and fresh blended seasoning 
  • Put to boil on high heat until potatoes are firm but cooked 
  • Allow potatoes to cool until you can handle them safely 
  • Prepare a baking tray by greasing lightly with olive oil 
  • Scoop out the center of potatoes leaving enough to line the skin so that it can stand up – place in tray 
  • In a pan on medium heat add Our Garlic Butter, salt, black pepper, pimentos and onions – let cook for 2 mins 
  • Add potatoes and cook for 2 mins 
  • Add mushrooms and cauliflower – season lightly with salt and let cook for 2 mins 
  • Lower heat and stir in both milks 
  • When bubbles form gradually add cheese and stir until combined 
  • Add broccoli and mix well and remove from heat 
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees 
  • Fill potato cups with mixture and top with cheese and parsley 
  • Bake for ______ mins or until top is golden brown 
  • Enjoy with any meat or by itself !! 

Cheesy Breadfruit & Buljol

Cheesy Breadfruit & Buljol

Cheesy Breadfruit Puffs – topped with Bougie (Saltfish) Buljol 

Here’s what you need  

½ medium Breadfruit – cubed 

½ c Fresh blended seasoning 

½c Butter 

½ Cheddar cheese 

Salt to taste 

Black pepper to taste 

½lb Saltfish 

½ c Tomatoes (diced) – divided 

½c Sweet pepper (diced)

½ c Onions (diced)   

1/8 c Pimento peppers (chopped) – divided 

1/8 c Garlic (Chopped) 

½ c Tomato sauce 

Coconut milk (¼ c coconut milk powder and ½ c warm water)

Chive (chopped for garnish) 

2 Tbsp Olive oil 


Let’s make it 

  • In a pot for boiling, add breadfruit, fresh blended seasoning, salt and cover with water 
  • Boil until tender 
  • Strain the breadfruit from the water and place into a mixing bowl 
  • Using the whisk attachment, mix until fluffy 

OR you can mash until smooth using a potato masher

  • Add cheese, butter and season with salt and black pepper as needed – mix well and set aside 
  • Boil saltfish for 10 mins to remove salt flavor. Repeat if needed to remove more salt flavor 
  • Strain to remove from water and chop finely 
  • In a pan on medium add olive oil and saute garlic, pimento, onions and tomatoes for 3 mins 
  • Add coconut milk and tomato sauce and mix together 
  • Add saltfish and sweet peppers and mix together 
  • Hot sauce /pepper sauce can be added for a little heat if desired 




  • Using an ice cream scoop or form balls by hand with the breadfruit mix 
  • Make an indentation in the middle with a small spoon or the back of the scoop fill with bougie buljol and garnish with chives 
  • Great appetizer or tiny meal! 

Land and Sea Omelet – Left over Dinner Idea

Land and Sea Omelet – Left over Dinner Idea

Land & Sea Omelet – Left over Dinner Idea

Here’s what to get
3 eggs
Leftover cooked Lamb
Leftover cooked Shrimp Bits
Our Garlic Butter
¼ c Cheese – choose your favorite
¼ c Tomatoes (diced)
1/8 c Onions (sliced thinly)
¼ c Green Peppers (diced)
1 TBSP Pimento (minced)
½ TBSP Garlic (minced)
Coconut Oil
Black Pepper

Let’s make it
● Remove the lamb meat and cut into small pieces
● Devein and cut shrimp into smaller pieces
● Season using fresh blended seasoning, lime juice, salt and black pepper
● If using leftover shrimp, cut into smaller pieces
● In a bowl, whisk the 3 eggs season with salt and black pepper
● Add pimento, garlic and onions – mix well
● In a frying pan on low to medium heat add coconut oil
● When the oil is hot pour in eggs and move the pan around so that the eggs cover the
base of the pan
● Sprinkle cheese over the eggs
● Let this cook for 2 – 3 mins continue to move the pan around
● Add the veggies and the meat evenly down the centre of the egg base
● Add more cheese if desired

● Using a spatula, fold one end of the egg toward the other end of the egg to enclose  the
● Cook for 1-2 mins
● Flip and allow to cook to desired texture (firm, runny etc)
● Enjoy with toast!

Spicy Pork & Sweet Potato Pie

Spicy Pork & Sweet Potato Pie

Spicy Pork & Sweet Potato Pie (Ramekin Bowls) 


Here’s what to get  

2lbs boneless pork cubes 

2/3 c Fresh chopped seasoning 

1/8 c Ginger (minced)

½ c Lime juice 

½ c Shaddon beni (chopped)

1/8 c Jerk seasoning 

2 c BBQ Sauce 

5 Bay leaves 

1 TBSP Pimento seeds 

Salt to taste

6 c Sweet Potatoes (peeled & diced)

½ c Salted butter 

Fresh blended seasoning 

Parsley for garnish 

1/3 Coconut oil 


Let’s make it 

  • In a bowl with water and lime juice add pork cubes, rinse and drain water from the pork 
  • Add chopped seasoning, ginger, pimento seeds, Bay leaves, salt and shaddon beni to the pork and mix well. Let sit for 2-3 hours to marinate 
  • In a pan on medium heat, add coconut oil and sauté seasoned pork 
  • Add bay leaves and continue to stir occasionally for 5 mins 
  • Cover and lower heat to allow pork to simmer stirring occasionally 
  • Using a small knife check the tenderness – once the knife goes through fairly easily remove from the heat 
  • Preheat the oven to 300 degrees 
  • Prepare a baking tray dish  
  • Add the jerk seasoning and BBQ sauce to the pork – mix well 
  • Pour pork unto the tray and spread evenly 
  • Bake in the oven for 30 -40mins or until pork is tender 
  • Remove from the oven and allow to cool 
  • Using 2 fork shred the pork and place into a bowl – set aside 
  • In a large pot on high heat add sweet potatoes and cover with water 
  • Add fresh blended seasoning and boil until soft and tender 
  • Strain the sweet potatoes and mash immediately – you can use the whisk attachment on your mixer for fluffy results 
  • Add butter and salt to taste 
  • In a greased dish or a few greased ramekins place a layer of potato, then a layer of pork and cover with more potato 
  • Drizzle with olive oil 
  • Bake at 400 degres until the cheese melts and the top gets  slightly  brown  edges  
  • Remove from oven and let cool down to warm before serving 
  • Make each guest feel special!


Baked Lobster with White Wine Basil Butter

Baked Lobster with White Wine Basil Butter

Baked Lobster with White Wine Basil Butter


Here’s what to get

1 whole Lobster cut down the middle plus 10 Large Shrimps

1 c Fresh blended seasoning

½ c Salted butter

½ c Basil leaves (chopped finely)

¼  tsp geera /cumin powder

½ c White wine

2 tbsp Granulated sugar

1 tsp Salt

½ tsp Black Pepper

¼ c Lime Juice

½ c tomatoes diced

¼ c crushed pineapple

2 TBSP parsley chopped


Let’s make it 

  • Prepare a lime and water bath in a large bowl and let the lobster soak for 2 mins
  • Remove from water bath and pat dry with a towel
  • Season lightly with salt and black pepper and fresh blended seasoning
  • Place shell side down unto a large baking tray
  • Wash shrimp in lime and water mix
  • Devein shrimp and season with fresh blended seasoning, salt and pepper
  • Add pineapple, tomatoes and parsley – Mix well
  • In a small pot melt butter
  • Add geera powder /cumin and basil and stir for 1 – 2 mins
  • Add white wine and sugar stir until sugar is dissolved
  • Brush unto lobster generously
  • Bake for approx 15-20 mins at 300 degrees or until meat turns solid white
  • Broil for 2 mins to add color
  • Remove from heat and serve immediately with your favorite sides





Left over Cou Cou Salad and Dressing

Left over Cou Cou Salad and Dressing

Left over Cou Cou Salad and Dressing

Here’s what you’ll need

½ c Left over cou cou (cut into cubes) – portion is as desired 

2 TBSP Our Garlic Butter Secret 

Greens of your choosing 

Combination of your favorite salad ingredients (tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits, nuts etc)


¼ c or Juice of 2 oranges 

1 tsp Ginger 

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

1 TBSP Honey 

½ TBSP Garlic minced

¼ c Red onions (diced finely)


Let’s make it 

For the Dressing 

  • In a large bowl whisk together all the ingredients adding salt to preferred taste


For the Salad 

  • Cut greens into bite sized pieces and create a bed in a plate or large bowl 
  • Dice all your favorite salad ingredients and add to the dressing 
  • Mix well ensuring all ingredients gets coated with the dressing 
  • Layer over the bed of greens and set aside 


The left over Cou Cou

  • Cut Cou cou into bite sized squares and set aside 
  • On medium heat using a non-stick pan add Our Garlic Butter 
  • Place cou cou squares in the pan to cook, turning occasionally until edges are golden brown 
  • Add Cou Cou to the top of the salad 
  • Life is good! 



  • To save and store your cou cou, cut into squares approx. 4 inches, wrap tightly in or cling or plastic wrap. This can be stored altogether in a food storage container in the refrigerator for up to 6 days. 


Roasted Breadfruit, Seafood Cook Down

Roasted Breadfruit, Seafood Cook Down

Roasted Breadfruit & Seafood Cook Down 


You will need 

1 Lobster tail /desired amount 

10 Large Shrimp /desired amount  

1 med Breadfruit 

¼ c Coconut oil 

½ c Coconut oil (for roasting)

2 c Coconut milk powder 

5 c Water Warm

¾ c Fresh Chopped Seasoning   

1 c Fresh Blended Seasoning  

2 TBSP Garlic Butter (divided)

1/8 c Pimento (sliced thinly- divided)

½ c Tomatoes (diced – divided)

½ c Parsley (chopped -divided)


Black pepper

Lime or Lemon Juice

Pepper Sauce- optional 


This is how 

  • Devein shrimp and cut lobster meat into bit size pieces
  • Wash shrimp and lobster in lemon and water
  • Season the shrimp and lobster in separate bowls using the fresh blended seasoning, salt and black pepper
  • Set aside to marinate for about 20 mins 
  • In a small pot on low heat add 1TBSP garlic butter and sauté 1 TBSP chopped pimento and ¼ c tomatoes for 1 min
  • Add shrimp and cook for 30 sec on each side – remove from heat and set aside 
  • In the same pot add 1 TBSP garlic butter and sauté 1TBSP chopped pimento and ¼ c tomatoes for 1 min
  • Add lobster cook and stir for 2 mins – remove from heat and set aside 
  • Rinse, and peel breadfruit, cutting inti 2-inch square pieces removing the inedible center 
  • Place breadfruit in a large pot and cover with water 
  • Add 1 c fresh blended seasoning to the water and allow to boil for 10-15 mins or until half way cooked 
  • Strain to remove the water 
  • Place the breadfruit on a large baking tray drizzle with ½ c coconut oil, season with salt and pepper as desired, mix and spread evenly.
  • Place in pre heated oven to 450 degrees for 35 mins until edges are light brown. Move around the breadfruit on the tray occasionally to avoid sticking 
  • In a large pot add ¼ c coconut oil to heat on medium heat and add chopped seasoning and sauté for 2 mins 
  • Add the breadfruit, stir and let sauté for 5 mins stirring occasionally  
  • Mix the coconut milk powder with warm water, and add to breadfruit. Add more water if needed to ensure the contents are covered 
  • Stir occasionally, adding additional coconut liquid to avoid sticking 
  • Season with salt and add hot sauce if desired 
  • Be sure that the breadfruit is covered in liquid 
  • Using a knife, test the readiness of the breadfruit – once the knife goes into the center easily its ready. 
  • Add shrimp, lobster and parsley – stir and remove the pot from the heat
  • Cover to allow the remaining heat to finish cooking the shrimp and lobster 
  • Serve in bowls with love!

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Sausage

 Breakfast Sausages


Here’s what you need  

8 Chicken franks (optional) beef, turkey or pork can be used 

1/8 c Vegetable oil 

½ c Tomatoes (diced) 

1/3 c Onions (sliced thinly) 

½ c Sweet peppers (sliced thinly) 

¼ c Pimento peppers (sliced thinly) 

2 TBSP Garlic (minced) 

¼ c Ketchup 

1 TBSP BBQ Sauce 

½ TBSP Mustard 

Hot sauce /Pepper sauce (optional) 


This is how 


  • In a pan on medium heat add vegetable oil and sauté garlic, pimento and onions until onions become translucent 
  • Add chicken franks stir and allow to cook for 4-5 mins or until franks become swollen 
  • Add ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce and hot sauce stir allow to cook for 2 -3 mins 
  • Add a little water if needed to create more sauce 
  • Add sweet peppers and tomatoes stir well remove from heat and cover until ready to serve 
  • Enjoy with homemade bread or local bakes 


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