Drumsticks with Cognac Pineapple BBQ Sauce 

Here’s what to get 

Fried Drumsticks 

6 drumsticks 

Fresh blended seasoning 

Lime Juice 

Salt (optional)

1 TBSP Ginger (minced)

2 TBSP Jerk Seasoning 

3 Eggs 

1 c Milk Full Cream

2 c Flour 

Vegetable Oil (Deep Frying)

1 TBSP Paprika 

All purpose flour 

Cognac BBQ sauce 

½ c Cognac 

2 c BBQ sauce 


2 ½ c Pineapple juice 

¾ c Brown sugar 

1 c Pineapple (crushed) 

1 Cinnamon stick 

Let’s make it 

  • In a large bowl mix prepare a lime juice and water bath to cover drumsticks let soak for 5 mins then strain water away from the drumsticks 
  • Cut around the top of the drumstick and push the meat down. 
  • Add fresh blended seasoning, ginger, jerk seasoning – and mix thoroughly
  • Cover and set aside to marinate for 30 mins to 1 hour 
  • In a small pot on low heat simmer pineapple juice, brown sugar and cinnamon for 10 mins 
  • Add cognac and crushed pineapple let simmer for 2 – 3 mins 
  • Add BBQ sauce, Ketchup mix well and let cook for another 5 mins on low heat 
  • In a bowl whisk together flour and paprika 
  • In another bowl whisk eggs and milk 
  •  In a large pot for frying on medium heat, fill half way with vegetable oil 
  • Test readiness of oil with bamboo skewer, if bubbles form around it – it’s ready 
  • Remove chicken from marinade and coat in wet mix then transfer to dry mix and coat 
  • Using a pot on medium heat, fill with oil half way 
  • Gently place drumsticks into the oil and allow to cook for a few  mins on each side or until fully cooked and golden brown in color  
  • Do not over crowd the pot 
  • When the drumsticks are done lay unto some paper towel to absorb excess oil.


Let’s make the sauce 

  • In a sauce pan on low heat add pineapple juice, sugar and cinnamon stick – Allow to simmer and reduce for about 5-8 mins. 
  • Add crushed pineapple and cognac let simmer for another 5 mins.
  • Add BBQ sauce and ketchup, stir and let simmer on low heat. 
  • Once the sauce begins to stick on the pot, stir and let thicken 
  • Remove from heat and let cool before serving 

Happy Adulting!