Fried Bakes or Floats

Here’s what to get
2c All-purpose flour
¼ tsp Yeast
1tsp Baking powder
½ tbsp Brown sugar
1 tbsp Shortening
½ tsp Salt
¼ c whole wheat (optional)
Warm water for kneading
Vegetable oil for deep frying

Let’s make it
● Put all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl
● Using the dough hook attachment, mix on medium speed for 5
● Slowly add warm water until smooth dough forms around the
hook. Knead lightly to smoothen if needed
● Prepare a tray lightly dusted with dry flour and form 2-inch balls
from the dough
● Cover and allow to sit for 5- 10 mins

● Prepare a bowl with paper towels or a kitchen cloth to store bakes
after frying
● In a large pot fill halfway with vegetable oil for deep frying and
allow to heat to a medium heat
● Using a rolling pin, roll dough balls into ½ inch thick, round bakes
● Once the oil is hot, gently place bakes to fry – do not over crowd
the pot
● When the bakes rise to the top, use a spoon to baste the top of
the bake with the oil – this helps it to swell and become light
● Once it becomes swollen, flip to fry the other side for about 30
● Remove from the oil and into prepared bowl with paper
towel/kitchen cloth to soak up an extra oil

● You can add ¼ c whole wheat for a healthy addition
● After making the dough into balls you can store in an airtight
container the freezer for later use. defrost time is approx 5-8mins.