Gulab Jamun

Here’s what you need 

2c All purpose flour 

½ c Margarine

¼ c Powdered milk 

1 tsp cardamon powder 

½ tsp cinnamon powder 

1 tsp ginger (fresh grated or powder) 

½ c Condensed milk 

¼ c Evaporated 

Vegetable oil for frying 

Margarine to grease surface of plate or tray 

For the sugar topping

1c Granulated sugar 

½ c water 

1 Cinnamon stick 

½ tsp Cardamon 

½ tbsp ginger (finely grated) 


Let’s make it 

  • In a mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients and ginger together 
  • Cut margarine into small pieces and combine into dry mix until a crumbly consistency is formed 
  • Add the condensed milk and evaporated milk and using a spatula, mix into a soft sticky dough 
  • Light grease hands with vegetable oil and smoothen the top of the dough
  • Cover the dough with a light cloth and allow to rest for 30mins 
  • Using approx. 1 ½ tbsp measure, form the dough into almond shapes and place on a greased surface. 
  • In a heavy pot for frying, heat vegetable oil low to medium heat 
  • Place a few julab jamoon at a time to fry – do not crowd the pot 
  • Fry until a golden-brown color forms and remove from oil into a bowl – keep uncooked dough covered. 
  • To make the sugar coating – in a small pot add all ingredients and allow to simmer on med heat until a syrup is formed.  
  • Pour syrup over julab jamoon and stir to coat 
  • Enjoy with a glass of your favorite milk