Island Time (Rum Punch)

Makes 2 Drinks 

What to get 

¼ c Light Rum 

¼ c Dark Rum 

½ c Pineapple Juice 

¼ c Orange Juice 

¼ c Triple Sec (Orange Liqueur) 

1/8 c Coconut Rum 

1/8 c Grenadine Syrup 


Grated Nutmeg / Pineapple Wedge / Cherry 


How to make it 

  • Using a cocktail shaker add light rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, triple sec, coconut rum, grenadine syrup and ice 
  • Shake for 30 – 60 secs 
  • Fill 2 tall glasses with ice and strain mixture from the cocktail shaker into the glasses 
  • Garnish with grated nutmeg, pineapple wedge and or lime juice 
  • Great for a hot day!