Stir Fry Veggies

Here’s what you need 

1/8 c Coconut oil 

1 Tbsp Garlic (chopped) 

1 Tbsp Pimento peppers (chopped) 

¼ c Onions (diced)

1c Carrots (cut into strips)

2c Cabbage (sliced thinly)

2c Broccoli (separate florets) 

4-5 Plantain slices (fried or boiled)

4c Pachoi (chopped)

½ c Sweet /Bell Peppers sliced 

½ c Beet root (sliced)

½ tsp Nutmeg (grated)

2 Tbsp Citrus Juice 

Salt to taste  

Nutmeg (grated)

Let’s make it 

  • In a non-stick pan on medium heat add coconut oil and sauté garlic, onions and pimento peppers for 2-3 mins 
  • Add carrots and cabbage and sauté for 2-3 mins season to taste with salt. 
  • Add broccoli and plantains, stir and add salt if required 
  • Add pachoi, citrus and nutmeg – mix well until leaves turn brighter green 
  • Add salt to taste if desired 
  • Remove from heat and mix in beetroot and sweet peppers. 
  • Perfect side to any meal 😊