Cocoa Tea / Chocolate Tea 


Here’s what you need 

1c Local grating cocoa (grated finely)

¾ c Condensed Milk

½ c Evaporated Milk

6 Whole Bay leaves

2 Cinnamon Sticks

8 c Water

Pinch of Salt


Let’s make it 

  • Using the small side of the grater, grate the cocoa and set aside 
  • In a large pot add water, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves allow to boil for 5-8 mins 
  • Add the cocoa and salt, stir and continue boiling for an additional 5 mins

 (Do not turn your back on the cocoa tea)

  • Add condense and evaporated milk, mix well 
  • Lower heat and allow to simmer for an additional 15 – 20 mins stirring occasionally if the tea begins to rise up. 

 (Do not turn your back on the cocoa tea) 

  • To serve, strain the tea through a fine strainer and enjoy